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Derichebourg Spain, a subsidiary of the Derichebourg Environment Group, is specialized in the treatment of end-of-life consumer products, as well as in the integral management of industrial waste and the recovery of scrap metal in general.

We transform waste into raw materials

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Our extensive national implementation allows us to cover the supply needs of our customers with guarantees.

Battery Recycling

We complete the lead recovery cycle: We recycle automotive batteries to obtain pure lead ingots.

RAEE management

Authorized Manager for the Treatment of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. We collect and treat all types of household appliances.

Vehicle Recycling

Authorized Treatment Centers for the recycling and decontamination of End-of-Life Vehicles and shredder plants network.

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Aluminium is a very useful metal, 100% recyclable, which receives a multitude of uses in the most diverse sectors of activity.
In Group we are in charge of the purchase, sale and recycling of this material.
Of all the aluminium obtained in the world, half comes from bauxite ore and the other half from the process of recycling aluminium scrap.
In this section you can consult the prices of non-ferrous metals (aluminium, copper, etc.) and steel billets in the London Metal Market (LME).

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