Quality & Certificates

Derichebourg Spain’s mission is to guarantee client’s satisfaction, and that is why it has defined as main objective in the corporate strategy, the permanent improvement of the services quality, settled on the following key points:

  • Work together with the Client
  • Identify clearly the agreed requirements
  • Guarantee the fulfilment of those requirements

The achievement of this objective is the result of the internal management processes improvement as well as the right environmental management and the respect for the personnel integrity.

That is why Derichebourg Spain has developed a Quality Management System as the main tool for the success of this Policy.

You can check the quality certificates of the Derichebourg Spain plants below:

lyrsa formacion calidad



AENOR Certificate Environmental Management: GA-2003/0137
IQNet Certificate Environmental Management: ES-2003/0137
AENOR Certificate Quality Management: ER-0962/1999
IQNet Certificate Quality Management: ES-0962/1999


AENOR Certificate Environmental Management: GA-2003/0137-001/00
IQNet Certificate Environmental Management: ES-2003/0137-001/00
AENOR Certificate Quality Management: ER-0962/1999
IQNet Certificate Quality Management: ES-0962/1999
WeeeLabex Certificate WEEE Recycling: Planta Madrid


AENOR Certificate Environmental Management: GA-2010/0156
IQNet Certificate Environmental Management: ES-2010/0156
AENOR Certificate Quality Management: ER-0304/2010
IQNet Certificate Quality Management: ES-0304/2010
certificado puro plomo
LME Pure Lead Certificate: Recobat PB


logo mefragasa
AENOR Certificate Environmental Management: GA-2013/0252
IQNet Certificate Environmental Management: ES-2013/0252
AENOR Certificate Quality Management: ER-0623/2013
IQNet Certificate Quality Management: ES-0623/2013


AENOR Certificate Environmental Management: GA-2003/0137-002/00
IQNet Certificate Environmental Management: ES-2003/0137-002/00
AENOR Certificate Quality Management: ER-0962/1999-002/00
IQNet Certificate Quality Management: ES-0962/1999-002/00


logo archamesa
AENOR Certificate Environmental Management:  GA-2003/0137-003/00
IQNet Certificate Environmental Management: ES-2003/0137-003/00
AENOR Certificate Quality Management: ER-0962/1999-003/00
IQNet Certificate Quality Management: ES-0962/1999-003/00


AENOR Certificate Environmental Management: GA-2011/0501
IQNet Certificate Environmental Management: ES-2011/0501
AENOR Certificate Quality Management: ER-1174/2011
IQNet Certificate Quality Management: ES-1174/2011