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Vehicle Recycling

In Derichebourg Spain we have been pioneers in the ecological management of End-of-Life Vehicles (ELVs), participating in the ELV Recycling Framework Agreement and collaborating closely with the Integral System for the Management of Automobile Waste (SIGRAUTO).

Treatment Centers

The first step on vehicle recycling takes place at the Authorized Treatment Centers (CAT), where the official deregistration at the DGT (Spain's Traffic General Office) is processed, the vehicle is decontaminated (extract all the dangerous liquids like petrol, oil or brake liquid) and all the parts that may be used again as second hand auto parts are extracted.
We have six CAT plants in Pontevedra, Portugal, Valladolid, Lleida, Valencia and Sevilla, where you can drop your vehicle for a correct management and recycling.

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Recycling Process

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Fragmentation Process

The shredding process consists on the grinding of the ELV and the classification of its components: the light fraction by means of aspiration and the ferrous fraction by means of magnetic techniques. Apart from the ferrous fraction (approximately 70% of the total weight of the ELV) and the light fraction, we also obtain a fraction of mixed non ferrous metals and plastics that have to be separated in a later process to obtain homogeneous materials.

Separation by Flotation

For this subsequent separation, we use flotation or heavy media and also Eddy-currents. Mefragsa is Derichebourg Spain Company specialized on this separation, to obtain the aluminum fraction of this mixed metals that is melted in this same plant to obtain pure aluminum ingots of great purity.

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