Derichebourg Spain Valencia

Derichebourg Spain Valencia is located at the industrial estate of Fuente del Jarro in Paterna (town near Valencia), and it occupies an area of 20.000 m2.

At this plant all kind of ferrous (iron) and non ferrous metals (copperaluminumbrassbronzelead, etc.) are recycled, and also some hazardous waste, like car batteries or WEEE. To achieve this, it counts with modern equipment including shear presses, mobile presses, wire peeling machines and cranes, as well as a hazardous waste storage area. It also counts with a large truck fleet with container service for collection at client’s premises.

Scrap from all kind of WEEE (Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment) is recycled here.

Derichebourg Spain Valencia is an Authorized Treatment Centre (CAT) for the recycling and treatment of end of life vehicles (ELV): deregistration of the vehicle from National Register, decontamination of the vehicle, extraction of the spare parts in good use and transfer to specific shredder plants.

Waste management services are provided for all kind of industries, as well as industrial facilities and buildings dismantlement services.

grupo lyrsa valencia
oficina lyrsa valencia
AENOR Certificate Quality Management: ES-0962/1999
IQNet Certificate Quality Management: ES-0962/1999
AENOR Certificate Environmental Management: GA-2003/0137-001/00
IQNet Certificate Environmental Management: ES-2003/0137-001/00

01. NIMA Code


02. Manager Dangerous Waste Lead Batteries and WEEE


03. Manager NDW of ELV


04. Non-Dangerous Waste Manager


05. Treatment of WEEE


06. Registration of small producers of DW


07. Registration of producers NFU


08. Non-Dangerous Waste Transportation


09. Dangerous Waste Transportation


Derichebourg Spain Valencia

C/ Ciudad de Cartagena, 17
Pol. Ind Fuente del Jarro 46988 Paterna


Tlf. 96 132 05 05

Fax. 96 132 08 93