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Derichebourg Spain (hereinafter, Derichebourg Spain), as the owner of the website, states in this section the corporate Cookie Policy:

A cookie is a file that is downloaded and stored on the user’s computer when accessing certain web pages, to store and retrieve information about the navigation carried out from that computer. Cookies are essential for the functioning of the Internet, providing advantages for the provision of interactive services, facilitating navigation and usability of our website. Bear in mind that cookies cannot damage your computer and that, in exchange, the fact that they are activated helps us to identify and resolve errors.

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Cookies of your own or strictly necessary
CookieInformation (*)Purpose
ASP.netSession Unique Identifier InformationKeep user session information.
NetScalerLoad control of sessions in load balancerIt allows to improve the load of the nodes that give service of applications
AutologinDomainUser information (username and password) of the product you are browsing.Used to allow access to other products contracted from Wolters Kluwer, without the need to re-type your credentials
CookiePDFValidation in the repository of Multimedia documents (avi, pdf, jpg, …)Controls access to the display of multimedia documents included in the product (pdf, rtf, gif, tif, avi, etc.) depending on whether you are a client or not.
BackSpaceIdsNavigational historyControl the “back button” of the browser to show the pages you have previously navigated.
myCookieEncrypted user password for Wolters Kluwer.Possibilitates not having to type the password of the product when accessing it, if this option has been selected.
Count(only applies to CissOnline product) Display of input popupDepending on the option selected by the client, shows or not the popup of entry (welcome) to the product.


Third-party cookies
CookieInformation (*)Purpose Opt-Out
AnalyticsNielsenStatistics of number of visits to pages, browsing times, browser types, etc.Compile and unify into statistical reports on the traffic of each site and total audience on some elements of the product (eg clicks on a certain advertising campaign)http://www.nielsen.com/content/corporate/policy/en/cookie-policy.html
Google AnalyticsStatistics of number of visits to pages, navigation times, browser types, navigation statistics, redirects, search engines, referred sites, etc.Compile and unify into statistical reports on the traffic of each site, total audience, visits to specific pages, tracking of clicks on certain parts of the site, etc.https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout
ComScoreMarketing research statisticsGathers information about the type of site, activity, and services offered to understand the type, size, and quality of the audience.http://www.scorecardresearch.com/preferences.aspx
AdvertisingAdTechFrequency and theme of the ads shown

(*) The information obtained through these cookies, referring to the user’s computer may be combined with your personal data only if you are registered on this website 


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