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The large experience of Derichebourg Spain in the recycling industry and the collaboration with the best industrial facilities suppliers made it possible.

The project, which started back in 2007, is dedicated to the recovery and recycling of non ferrous metals, mainly coming from the End-of-Life-Vehicles treatment plants (shredders), to obtain recycled aluminum, ready to be used by the metallurgy industries as secondary raw material.

In 2012, Mefragsa extended its activity, with a complete aluminum smelting installation to produce aluminum ingots (mainly AlSiCu alloys) from scrap aluminum.


Derichebourg Spain – Albalate Aluminium, formerly known as Mefragsa, uses the most advanced technology in the industry for its processes including heavy media separation, Eddy Current induction and metal detection.

Derichebourg Spain – Albalate Aluminium generates very high quality metallic scrap classified by its composition and performance, specially aluminum scrap, which can be transformed into ingots in its own facilities or sent to other foundries to be reused in the production of auto parts.

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The production unit dedicated to the aluminum ingot transformation has been designed attending the Best Available Techniques and is under the integrated environmental authorization according to the Environmental national Laws (Law 7/2006, of June 22, for Environmental Protection in Aragón).

The production and manufacturing processes includes raw material quality control, melting and alloying units, ingot cooling and marking systems, strapping, weighting and automatic labeling, allowing full traceability of the final product and its raw materials.

We also have at Mefragsa a complete metallographic laboratory with the most advanced analysis and control equipment, and experienced technical personnel that allows us to satisfy our client´s needs referring chemical composition, conformity certificates or any other special requirement.

To summarize, at Mefragsa, we produce high purity aluminum ingots and all kind of alloys (AB-46000, AB-46500, L-2640, AB-44100 and others) using scrap aluminum.

AENOR Certificate Quality Management: ES-0962/1999
IQNet Certificate Quality Management: ES-0962/1999
AENOR Certificate Environmental Management: GA-2003/0137-001/00
IQNet Certificate Environmental Management: ES-2003/0137-001/00

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