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aluminum management


Purchase of aluminium

The aluminium is a very useful metal, 100% recyclable , which receives a multitude of uses in the most diverse sectors of activity. At Derichebourg Spain we take care of the purchase, sale and recycling of this material. Of all the aluminium obtained in the world, half comes from bauxite ore and the other half from the recycling process of aluminium scrap.

In our facilities we collect and buy all types of aluminum (first, second, crankcase, ribbon, radiator, china …). If you need to sell aluminum scrap and even cans of this material, in Derichebourg Spain we proceed to its purchase and subsequent classification, storage and recycling.

Sale of aluminium

Once the whole process aluminium recovery has been completed, this recycled material is prepared for sale to duly authorised managers , according to the needs of our customers. For this we have specific machinery, such as packaging presses, and specific plants for their treatment and casting to obtain aluminum ingots. Aluminium is a 100% recyclable material . Recycling is a complex process involving many factors. At Derichebourg Spain we take care of the whole process from beginning to end.
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  1. The separation of aluminum from other wastes by means of electromagnetic separation tools.
  2. .
  3. It is it reduces the volume by means of cutting systems, which reduce the pieces and transform them into smaller pieces to facilitate the work of the machinery.
  4. Chemical or mechanical cleaning of the resulting aluminium pieces.
  5. These pieces are grouped into large blocks to minimize the effect of oxidation on the smelter.
  6. The melting of the blocks in the blast furnaces at temperatures of 750°C ± 100°C and the molten aluminum is obtained.
  7. Removal of slag and dissolved hydrogen and degassing . Molten aluminum is released from hydrogen from water vapor and hydrocarbon contaminants.
  8. Sampling for further spectroscopic analysis. Depending on the product to be obtained, high purity aluminium is added to achieve the ideal specifications for each alloy.
  9. It is extracted from the blast furnace of molten aluminium. The final product can be moulded in different ways: ingots, mouldings, bars...

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Advantages of Aluminum Recycling

Being a 100% recyclable material, this type of recycling reduces the generation of waste.
Once recovered, the recycling process does not alter its properties , making it an excellent raw material for the manufacture of new products.

The manufacture of recycled aluminium products allows a high energy and economic savings , apart from important environmental benefits.