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The second plant of Derichebourg Spain in Sevilla province is located at Aznalcóllar (about 40 Km, from Sevilla, south of Spain), and it occupies an area of 70.000 m2.

This plant is totally dedicated to vehicles recycling (ELV) with shredding techniques. It counts with a high powered Zerdirator shredder plant for the grinding and separation of the compounds, and a further separation facility for the non ferrous metals by means of induction, that allows a more precise separation of the non ferrous metals from plastics, before they are sent to Mefragsa, the flotation and aluminum recycling plant that Derichebourg Spain has in Teruel, for their definitive recycling.

planta lyrsa en aznalcollar
lyrsa planta aznalcollar
AENOR Certificate Quality Management: ES-0962/1999
IQNet Certificate Quality Management: ES-0962/1999
AENOR Certificate Environmental Management: GA-2003/0137-001/00
IQNet Certificate Environmental Management: ES-2003/0137-001/00

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02. Urban Waste Management


03. Non-Dangerous Waste Transportation


04. Dangerous Waste Transportation


Derichebourg Spain Sevilla AZ

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