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In recent months we have heard of some attempts to impersonate (phising) by strangers who have tried to impersonate us before third parties to carry out false operations of selling materials.

At present, neither Derichebourg Spain nor any of its companies actively participates in any B2B platform (Business-to-Business) and specifically, we have never worked with platforms such as and any offer that appears in our name is false.

If you receive any offer or proposal on behalf of Derichebourg Spain or any of its companies such as Recobat, Redisa, Mefragsa or Archamesa, please contact us through our telephone (+34) 916794990 or through an email sent through our Contact section, and make sure that the offer is real before making any payment.


Information you should know as a recipient of these messages Scam (Internet fraud) or Phising (identity theft):

  1. Enterprise identity impersonators usually operate in B2B portals (Business-to-Business), with platforms and domains registered in regions of dubious protection in the field of data protection on the Internet.
  2. The names of institutions, companies or offices that appear in the messages, although similar in content (addresses, contacts, e-mail addresses, etc.) and form (logos, corporate colors, etc.), are easily identifiable as gross forgeries, comparing them with the contents of the Group’s corporate site.
  3. The information and identity data provided in these messages (post office boxes, mail or telephone numbers) are false and do not usually coincide in any way with the Group’s scope of operations.
  4. On the specific sending of e-mail messages, be wary of any commercial communication that does not originate in the domain In no case, business communications are made from general accounts such as, or

Tips for defending yourself against these scams:

  1. Be wary of these messages (especially when transaction prices deviate significantly from the market trend) and check the addresses and telephone numbers of the entities that are provided, you will see that they do not coincide with the real, verifiable in
  2. Don’t pay any amount in advance and never provide personal or financial information, without being completely sure to whom you are giving it.
  3. Finally, bear in mind that these networks of identity usurpation or fraud by Internet, usually act from any country other than that in which the recipient of your messages resides, which significantly hinders the tasks of investigation and resolution of the crimes they commit.